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It is REALLY IMPORTANT that you make a response. This can be sent by post to the case officer :

Jonathan Fletcher, Planning Dept – 
Bath and North East Somerset Council

Lewis House,
Manvers St

This Residents Response Form form may help you.

OR:   save a stamp and drop them off at Pensford Post Office – we will deliver them for you.

You can email a response via the BaNES website.  Find the planning application here. Click on ‘comments invited on this application’.

Please send us a copy of all your letters and e-mails and we will ensure that they are noted and that your questions are answered.


This is about a development that does not adhere to planning criteria. The same questions apply if this were an application for a housing development or a business expansion. STICK to the planning issues


The Deadline for receipt is 5:00 pm on 13th June 2013



Thank you for your support and thank you for caring



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