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How you can help

IT IS IMPORTANT TO RESPOND – Thank you for doing so before.

There are 2 ways you can do this….

Write  We can organise posting if you prefer to leave your letter at our drop off point in Pensford Post Office.

Or use the Banes Planning Portal.

Remember, everyone in each household can submit a form, so please make the most of this opportunity. 

  • The NEW Deadline for receipt is 5:00 pm on 13th June 2013

Contact us if you know anyone in the media. This is a story that they may be interested in.

Contact us if you know of any possible sites in BaNES that could be used for Gypsy and Traveller developments  – BaNES have asked for any information on possible sites and we want to provide them with some. This is a job that BaNES should have done themselves but it looks like we need to help them.

Help us. If you can help with delivering letters, collecting signatures or have any skills that you feel can help in this campaign, please contact us. Legal, Town Planning, Ecology, Geology, Land Contamination, Political Lobbying, Press Relations and Local History are some of the skills needed YOUR VILLAGES NEED YOU!

Become a Buddy. If you know of anyone in your village who does not have access to e-mail and you do, why not team up and let them have copies of any e-mail information that we circulate? If you know anyone who has difficultly in writing a letter and they want to, why not give them a hand?

AND Most important of all – Spread the word!!!

Please do attend the Parish Council meetings in Stanton Wick and Pensford – PLUS –
email us now if you would like any further info, or email updates of the campaign.

Finally – it would be wonderful if you can offer support in other ways – either with campaigning or financially – please do contact us, you can contact us by clicking on the black tab to the right of this screen.

Please remember that abusive, anti-Gypsy or racist language will render your response rejected and not counted.
It is important to consider and make your objection on the issue of the sites lack of suitability for the development as proposed, irrespective of your views on the possible occupiers, their way of life or the possible effect on yours. Think of the application as a mobile home park and caravan park and give your views on that basis.


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