May 07 2012

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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – Gypsies and Travellers in BaNES
Issued by Stanton Wick Action Group – Friday 4th May 2012 12 noon

Stanton Drew Public Meeting overwhelmed

The Stanton Drew Village hall was full on Wednesday evening, when over 200 residents packed into the Hall to listen and debate the issue of the proposed major Gypsy and Traveller site in Stanton Wick.

Judith Chubb-Whittle the Chair of the Stanton Drew Parish Council presented a history of the BaNES project to allocate permanent and transit pitches within BaNES for Gypsies, Travellers and Showmen.

Councillor Jeremy Sparks, the member representing Stanton Drew answered questions and made a statement confirming his full support and intended submission to BaNES Cabinet at the public meeting on May 9th when the Council’s proposals for the allocation of sites in BaNES will be considered. He received a long round of applause from the whole hall.
Clarke Osborne, on behalf of the Stanton Wick Action Group gave further background information on the group’s activities and urged those attending the meeting to make their voice and their opinions heard at BaNES.
Chew Magna Parish Council confirmed their full support and desire to be involved in the campaign to have the Stanton Wick Site removed from the BaNES list. There was a long debate with many questions relating to the background of the BaNES project and what on the face of the information available looks to be a project that has failed in both Public Consultation and the selection of the 7 proposed sites.
The audience heard of the flawed process and what looks to be an attempt by BaNES  councillors and officers to push the Stanton Wick former colliery site into the short list when it clearly does not meet any of the required criteria set out by BaNES or national guidelines. The meeting was unanimous in requesting that the Parish Council should request BaNES to withdrawal the Stanton Wick Site from their list of proposed sites in BaNES as it is totally
unsuitable for this form of development.
The meeting had many questions relating to the process and how this site could be considered suitable and residents were advised to either ask their questions of BaNES directly or channel them through the Parish Council or the Action Group.

Judith Chubb-Whittle said “Following the Public meeting and overwhelming opposition demonstrated by the community at the meeting and from emails & letters received Stanton Drew Parish Council unanimously voted to oppose the BaNES proposal on procedural grounds at the Parish Council meeting the following evening and to this end will support the community in constructive opposition to the proposal”
Clarke Osborne a resident of Stanton Wick and representing the action group said ”another fantastic turnout following the meeting in Pensford. This time we could not get everyone in the hall! The meeting was well conducted and the Parish Council did a thorough job in explaining the background and facts concerning the site. The whole meeting was resolved that every effort should be made to ensure that BaNES withdraw the Stanton Wick site from their list as it is clearly and fundamentally not suitable for the proposed development and individual residents later pledged to assist in communications and our aim to ensure that everyone in the wider communities is informed. We have had an overwhelming response to what is clearly a major issue and have the support of both local Councillors, three Parish Councils our MP and the vast majority of the people living here. This really is localism at work.”

If there are any residents who we have not contacted and provided information please contact us by either going to our web site www.stantonwickactiongroup.org or email us.

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