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Jul 19 2012

Press Release – Technical Problems at BaNES

Technical Problems Cause Turmoil on Deadline Day for BANES’ Gypsy and Traveller Consultation Process

The final deadline for public responses to BANES’ Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document, was thrown into turmoil today when email submissions made to the official email address were rejected.

Just hours before the 5pm deadline of the Public Consultation Process, many people sending their feedback to the email address ( received ‘bounceback’ messages which said: “Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists… The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.”
At 3:40pm today a BANES email was finally sent to people on their mailing list to explain the bouncebacks were due to “the Planning Policy Team mailbox reaching capacity on Tuesday 17th July 2012, resulting in emails sent after this time failing to reach the mailbox”. It went on to instruct people to “resend your email as soon as possible“, but also decided to extend the time limit for email representations only until 5pm on Friday 20th July.
Clarke Osborne of the Stanton Wick Action Group says: “This is not the first time BANES’ email service has caused problems with this consultation process, but for it to happen on the day of deadline when it was obvious that scores of people would be sending their representations by email, is shocking.”
“Many people may not check their email now, or realise it has not been received. It’s further evidence, if any were needed, of a process that’s been completely flawed from the start and poorly-executed throughout; it’s appalling that the catalogue of errors now includes BANES’ inability to even effectively receive email submissions on the deadline day of a crucial consultation process.”
“I would urge anyone who had made email submissions today to resend them again, rather than assume that they had been received.”
As a result of mass opposition to many of the sites selected by BANES, and on inspection of the background, B&NES Planning, Transport and Environment Scrutiny Panel asked the Cabinet to call a halt to its plans, arguing that the site selection process was flawed and highlighting that the majority of the sites do not accord with Government guidelines. The Cabinet chose to ignore this request.
Mr Osborne continues: “The Cabinet has already demonstrated that it is not willing to listen to or take any notice of, local views, and have no respect for Coalition government guidelines on suitability of sites.”
“They are ignoring the public and their government, have selected many wholly unsuitable locations through a disingenuous scoring exercise, and are attaching no weight to the genuine planning and policy-based arguments from both local residents and politicians. Today’s error is yet another example of how this process has been shambolically conducted.”

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Jul 18 2012

LATEST – BaNES extension for email representations to 5pm on Friday 20 July

BaNES have extended the deadline for email response form submissions because of the problems they have had with their mail system.

Statement from BaNES:

We are aware that a number of people have been affected by the Planning Policy Team mailbox reaching capacity on Tuesday 17th July 2012, resulting in emails sent after this time failing to reach the mailbox. We have since resolved that issue.
In order to ensure sufficient time for representations to reach the Planning Policy Team, and as agreed with Cllr. Tim Ball, we are extending the time limit for email representations to be sent in to 5pm on Friday 20 July 2012.   If you received an email stating that the Planning Policy mailbox was full, please resend your email as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Please pass this message on to anyone you know who has had issues with emails being returned.

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Jul 18 2012

ALERT – More problems with BaNES email system!

A number of people emailing response forms to BaNES have had them bounce back because the BaNES mailbox is full!!


BANES IT have been asked to increase the capacity of the inbox to cope.

We have requested that the deadline for email submissions be extended to allow for people being unaware of the problem while at work, please watch this site to check.



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Jul 17 2012

Less than 24 hours to close of Submission

There is less than 24 hours to go before response forms must reach BaNES
(5pm Wednesday 18th July).
You still have time to respond by email if you have not yet done so.

You can find response forms here:
Response Forms

Completed forms can be emailed to:

There is more information on why this site fails to comply with planning guidelines here: Our Objections

Our ePetition will also close on 18th July
Every adult member of your household with their own email address can fill in the ePetition, again, please take time if you can, the link is here:

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Jul 16 2012

Hand Delivered Response Forms

Please note – anyone who is hand delivering a completed response form to BaNES, these need to go to the Planning Policy dept in Manvers Street, not the Guildhall. Planning Policy is located in Lewis House (opposite the Police Station). If left at the Guildhall for internal mail they CAN NOT guarantee delivery by Wednesday.

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Jul 12 2012

Last Few Days For Response

Response forms must reach BaNES by 5pm on Wednesday 18th July – so there are only a few days left to get your forms completed and put in the post.

Response forms and more info is here:

We believe that BaNES desire to pursue Stanton Wick Old Colliery Site is misguided as it DOES NOT satisfy legislated planning criteria.

There is more information on why this site fails to comply with planning guidelines here: Our Objections

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Jul 10 2012

Chew Magna Information Session

In conjunction with Chew Magna Parish Council, Stanton Drew Parish Council & SWAG are holding an information session on Wednesday 11th July 6-8pm at The Millenium Hall, Chew Magna.

This is to inform residents of Chew Magna and environ of the BANES proposal to develop The Old Colliery Site, Stanton Wick and other sites in our district as gypsy, traveller sites.

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